Wednesday, June 19, 2013

People Come in All Sizes: So Should Fashion.

Update: Submit your measurements using our new human measurement intake form!

Why We Are Doing This: The US size chart is an archaic, arbitrary system based on erroneous assumptions of convenience and commercial ideals concerning the body shape of real people. In the 1940s, a study was performed by Ruth O'Brien and William Shelton in which nearly 15,000 women were measured. The findings proved that most women do not have the hour glass figure the current US sizing system is based upon (only 8% do!) but women come in a surprising variation of shapes and sizes. Their findings were rejected for commercial convenience in favor of the hour glass system, which today continues to skew public perspective by promoting ideals of the "perfect woman" vs. the real woman via vanity sizing.

The male size chart is equally dysmorphic, with measurements based upon the fit, athletic "soldier" from which the male size chart originally emerged. The issue is further complicated by commercial fashion's polarization of men's and women's fashions. Fashion is obsessed with these polarities, creating clear distinctions between "men's wear" and "women's wear" despite the existence of a gender spectrum that is as varied as the human form.

Considering the variation in size and shape of real people, it is clear to see that the US size chart is less useful for providing accurate standards of measurement for garments designed to fit the human body as much as it is a tool for body shaming. Rather than crafting garments to fit the people, it is easier to commercially produce garments which are unflattering on most body shapes, then blame the consumer for their inability to "fit in" to the idealized system. Everyone looks amazing in garments which fit them perfectly. It is the goal of 3.2.1000 to produce real garments for real people. We are currently working on our own sizing system which encourages people to take pride in their bodies. But we need your help. Namely, we need your measurements.

You can submit your measurements anonymously using the form below. All measurements should be in circumference. If you do not have a tape measure handy, you can use string and a ruler (wrap the strip around you, mark it, then measure it with the ruler). Please do not estimate. We want our research to be as accurate as possible. We will post our size system to this site upon completion. Thank you for your help! /\/\/\ 3.2.1000 /\/\/\


Shoulder to Shoulder
Pit to Pit
Inner thigh



(H)JS said...
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Altred Industries said...

I'm a fairly unusual size, having an extremely high metabolism making me a tall, thin male. The male sizing chart doesn't work for me at all. Hell, the female sizing chart is actually closer to my fit! Here's my chart: